Let’s say some buyers are online looking for a home to buy.  The buyers’ time is limited, and for whatever reason, they are not able to drive around to look at homes in person.  Imagine them virtually “walking” through your home and being able to examine every detail – from the ceiling to the floorboards – able to envision themselves and their family living there, and placing in their mind just where the furniture would go.  Now this can be done without physically being at the property.


A new tool is available that produces 3D images which allow potential buyers to look at each room within a home and see all angles of the space.   Holly Springs listing agents with Team Anderson Realty uses this new marketing tool to provide a 3D tour of your home – and these virtual photos are then published online for buyers to view.  As a seller, this allows all prospective buyers to tour your home in the comfort of their home as if they are actually there.  This is extremely valuable for buyers who live out of the area and are planning to relocate.  We strive to give our clients the best advantage, using the latest technologies and equipment, to help market their properties.


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