As Holly Springs rapidly grows, Team Anderson Realty’s clients are constantly asking this same question: buy or build? We are here to give you the pros and cons of both options to help you decide, and, of course, we always give you our professional opinions as well.

Buying Pros:
• Home is “move in” ready
• Amenities are built and available to use right away
• There is room for price negotiations
• You know exactly what you’re getting
• It’s a faster and more convenient process

Buying Cons:
• House may not have every feature you desire
• Home may need updates and renovations
• You could face maintenance issues
• You could have higher energy costs

Building Pros:
• Every detail is customized – just the way you want it
• Little to no renovations are needed
• Higher building standards, and you know the home is up to code (new homes are more energy efficient and proactive safety measures are installed)
• Current Trends (get to design your own home: choose from loads of quality modern materials)
• Monetary incentives when signing
• Home warranties are included
• You are the first person to live in the home

Building Cons:
• It’s a time-consuming process – takes time to have it built
• You have to make a lot of decisions in a short time frame
• It’s can be expensive – additional costs occur with every upgrade/feature that is added
• May be harder to get a mortgage
• Neighborhood is under construction (noisy/no amenities right away)
• All builders are not equal – be sure to look into their quality of work, professionalism, and reliability

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