We know that selling your home takes time, effort, and money. There are a “million” things to attend to before and after a house hits the market, from advertising your home to repairing those leaky faucets, to finally addressing all those items swept under the rug for months. While it may seem pointless to invest in a house you’re ready to say goodbye to, the key factor to getting your home sold faster – and for top dollar – is house staging. One of the top-buyer websites, Realtor.com, notes that staged homes sell 88% faster than non-staged homes.

Staging a house is so important – its purpose is to display your home and its best features to potential home-buyers. Whether your home is vacant or occupied, home staging is an essential part of the listing process, and it involves both outside maintenance and the inside design. Curb appeal is the number one project every seller should start with; the front of your house is the first thing a buyer will see. Read our blog post from April 29th, 2018, “How To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home”, for more tips.

Your mindset when staging an occupied home should be: this isn’t for me, it’s to allow the buyer to see him/herself living here. With that in mind, you want to remove all personal items such as family portraits, notices on the fridge, personal calendars with all your daily schedules, etc. Make sure to give your home a deep clean and keep up with the laundry, dirty dishes, and any lingering odors on a daily basis. Try using a fresh, light scent to spray in the air. Lastly, the biggest home staging tip for an occupied home would be to make sure each room has a purpose – declutter as much as possible.

If your home is vacant and you are starting with a blank slate, staging could get expensive. There are three rooms to focus on while staging: Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom. The goal is to make buyers feel at home!

Living Room Staging: You want this room to be warm and inviting; use neutral colors, relaxing art and thriving plants! Team Anderson Realty always puts a digital “Fire” in all the fireplace pictures for a nostalgic feel when we are staging our listings!

Kitchen Staging: This is an area that needs to be clean and usable; buyers will be picturing their friends and family gathering in this space. You should declutter and have lots of counter space showing; keep only a few things out such as a fruit basket or a vase, to give a pop of color, on the counter.

Bathroom Staging: When thinking of a dream bathroom, most people mention spa-like – use bright lighting, scented soaps, fluffy towels and robes.

Once your home staging is complete, it will be time to have a professional photographer take incredible pictures, as well as videography of your staged home. Or, better yet, Team Anderson Realty can do all of this for you at no cost to you. Call a top Holly Springs Realtor today at 919-610-5126 to find out more – let the bidding wars begin!