When moving to a new city, the first question most buyers will have is, “What is the best town to live in?” Of course, this is a loaded question because not all people have the same desires. Each buyer needs to determine the important factors in a home, and the most favored area, that will suit the needs of their family’s lifestyle. In 2019, niche.com put out a list of the top places to live in North Carolina. Not surprising that in the top 10, there are 7 zip codes from Wake County on the list, and #8 is Holly Springs, 27540!

Top Places to Live in North Carolina

But how does one determine the top places to live? There are several factors that go into making these decisions:

1. Crime Rates: Who doesn’t worry about living in a neighborhood with low crime rates? Although crime happens everywhere, there are certain areas less prone to a criminal lifestyle. According to homes.com, Cary, NC, which is in Wake County, is the safest city to live in the US for 2019.

Safest Cities to Live

2. School Ranking: The quality of a local school system is an important factor in choosing a place to live. Of course, every parent wants their children to get the best education possible. According to niche.com, Wake County schools are ranked as the #9 best school districts in North Carolina for the upcoming 2020 year. Click the second link below to see all the Wake County schools and their overall ratings.

Best School Districts in NC
Wake County Public School System Rankings

3. Job Openings: Employment opportunities vary from state to state and city to city, so time must be spent researching the job markets in different areas of the country. One can begin by analyzing quality employment opportunities within one’s industry, and then determine where the highest concentration of these types of jobs are located. The link below ranks the Raleigh area as the number 6 hottest job market in the US.

Hottest Job Markets

4. Climate: The climate plays a huge role in our lives as it impacts our hobbies, behavior, and sometimes even our jobs. Living in the type of climate in which one is most comfortable is key. Raleigh has 4 seasons and is located in the central Piedmont section of North Carolina, midway between the Great Smoky Mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, each about a three-hour drive. Temperatures average around 38.9 degrees in mid-winter, 59.3 degrees in mid-spring, 78.1 degrees in mid-summer and 59.7 degrees in mid-autumn. Snowfall averages 7.9 inches per year.

Raleigh Weather

5. Commute Time and Public Transportation Options: The explosive growth of the suburbs which surround metropolitan areas has made commuting times in many areas unbearable. According to DataUSA, the average commute time in Wake County is 23 minutes. Gas prices can rise in the warmer months, but WRAL has a tracker to determine where the lowest gas prices can be found: Fuel Tracker. Wake County has also added a toll road, I-540, to help ease the congestion, and has established public transit options in certain areas.

6. Other factors to consider to find the perfect city (and Raleigh has them all):
• Proximity to an Airport
• Local Healthcare Facilities
• Food Options
• Culture

This article from WRAL shows that Raleigh is a favored Real Estate Market.

Hottest Real Estate Markets

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