No, you do NOT need to use a real estate agent to represent you on the buy side of a new construction purchase, or even a resale, but should you? YES!


There are generally three types of buyer viewpoints about using a Buyer’s Agent when purchasing a new construction home.


  • I don’t need one, I have bought and sold and/or built multiple homes myself – I know what I am doing, an agent would be no benefit for me.


  • The on-site agent is usually a real estate agent or builder representative, why would I need another? It will get too convoluted.


  • I would never buy or sell without a real estate agent. I trust his/her opinion and want someone always working in my best interest. Who wouldn’t use one!?


All of the above viewpoints have valid points, but let’s break down why we are advocates for using a buyer’s agent, even with new construction purchases.


  1. Using a real estate agent does not save you money, nor does it cost you money to have your own representation. Most builders offer a commission for a buyer’s agent, and MANY builders prefer buyers to have their own representation.


  1. The on-site agent is not a buyer’s agent, instead, his/her best interest is vested with the builder. On site agents are great people, most with big hearts who love all the buyers who build in their community, but they are working for the builder.  You do not enter into a dual agency relationship when you purchase through an on-site agent, and this is usually emphasized within the contract, so the agent is representing the builder in that case.


  1. A buyer might be extremely versed in the buying and building process, but why not have someone working in His/Her best interest? A Buyer Agent can negotiate for better terms, or for extra options.  Plus, an agent can be an extra set of eyes during the blue tape walk through (an agent knows where the subcontractors usually miss things), and can visit the property on the buyer’s behalf, if necessary (leveraging a buyer’s time IS value).  An agent serves as an advocate for things that might go wrong (not all builders are alike, and some are customer service oriented and others are not).  If a buyer chooses to build his/her own house, an agent can make suggestions so that a buyer does not “over improve” the home, and can recommend trusted vendors who can make improvements after closing which can save a buyer money. Lastly, agents know who they trust for third party independent home inspections and those can be invaluable, when done by the right people. Just because the local town performs their own inspections, that does not mean it is thorough or that things are not missed. You should see the things home inspectors find daily on new construction homes, it would amaze you!


Buyers are going to do what they choose to, but hopefully after reading this, you can see the value of using an experienced real estate agent, specifically a buyer’s agent, even for new construction purchases! Should you be looking for a home (resale or new) in the Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Apex or surrounding cities in the Triangle Area, consider working with Team Anderson Realty and call one of our Holly Springs Realtors today: 919-610-5126. Let’s get you into a new home while the interest rates are low!