Compassionate and professional real estate agents dedicate countless hours to help others buy, sell, rent, and/or invest in property.  People in the real estate business handle valuable personal assets, and this allows agents the opportunity to make a HUGE impact on someone’s life.   Successful agents embody a variety of needed skills – they are “teachers” educating their clients about the market value; “marketing specialists” utilizing the latest technologies to get a home sold quickly; “construction managers” keeping a strategic eye on needed repairs for the buyer or seller; a “lawyer” negotiating agreed upon terms of a sale; a “friend” guiding the client throughout the process, and so much more.  Knowledgeable real estate agents keep a ‘pulse on the market’, and they know where the “hot spots” are, or how to locate the perfect property to please a client.  Besides the many advantages explained above, there are other reasons for becoming an agent – one can create multiple streams of income by investing, renting, managing properties, writing about real estate, or teaching real estate courses.  Below are 5 noted advantages for getting your real estate license.

Minimal Investment

Becoming an agent requires a minimal investment of time and money in order to get maximum returns. Where most careers take years of college to establish a solid financial cushion, it takes just a few months to complete the education necessary to prepare for the local real estate test, followed by the state licensing exam. Once you become an agent, you then find a broker under whom you would “hang your license”.  Once licensed, there are a few other investments, such as printing business cards and marketing materials, transporting clients to view properties, completing your continuing education rquirements, and keeping your real estate license renewed annually.


In most jobs, an employee must adhere to a schedule, report to an office, or work a number of set hours.  You don’t have the flexibility to take off any time for vacation, handle personal business, or attend family events.  Real estate agents, however, control their own personal schedules. Agents set up appointments based on their calendar and the clients’ availability.  Some corporate brokers might expect agents to spend some time in the office, but most of the time, agents manage their own time to create the work-life balance they need.

Business Growth

 Some agents are looking to earn a full-time income, while others just want to supplement their income. Agents decide how much they want to put into their business, and set their own goals as to what they want to get out of it.  Some agents earn additional professional licenses to enhance the services they provide. You might even start to love other aspects of the job and continue with a career path or side job in that other aspect, such as photographing homes, becoming an appraiser or doing house measurements.  Who knows, you may even enjoy providing house cleaning services, or providing junk removal. There are endless possibilities in the real estate field.

Meet New People

As a real estate agent, you get to practice your interpersonal skills all of the time.  Agents are continually interacting with people at networking events, connecting with the team of other agents at the office, meeting clients over coffee or lunch, and partnering with service vendors.  If you enjoy meeting new people, you’ll love socializing with business colleagues, affiliates, partners, and new clients; the more you interact with others, the more opportunities present themselves on a regular basis.

Professional and Personal Satisfaction

Real estate agents make a real impact on people’s lives. Helping buyers find their dream home or getting top dollar for your seller’s property gives an agent a feeling of professional and personal satisfaction. Plus, satisfied clients tend to return to the agent who helped them – and refer others to the agent as well. Satisfied clients tell others about their good experiences, and this results in prominent word-of-mouth advertising for agents.


There is never a dull moment in the real estate business. If you enjoy helping people, want to avoid repetitive job tasks, and enjoy moving around the community, this could be an ideal career. A real estate agent is always searching, learning, and communicating with others to build a profitable business. Right now, at Team Anderson Realty, we are searching for Real Estate Agents to join our firm. Call us today at 919-610-5126 to find out more!