We are living in the age of electronics!  So many important documents are now able to be signed electronically.  In the past, when a real estate deal was made, the parties would meet in the office and sign all the paperwork.  Now, most transactions are done electronically using email.

Electronic signature or e-signature software allows a document to be signed digitally by both parties with a legal, formal, and binding signature. The required documents that need to be signed are sent through the company’s software via email. The goal of this software is to speed up contractual processes that require your “John Hancock”. Digital Signatures allow for you to pick from a choice of generic handwriting templates that may match your existing signature, or some may allow for your finger to sign for a more accurate representation. Here are the top 6 reasons why we use Electronic Signatures in our Real Estate Firm, Team Anderson Realty.

They Speed up Business

We are always looking for ways to increase and maximize time management within our company. Instead of waiting for documents to be sent by mail around the globe or emailing, printing, and scanning, your contracts can be delivered and signed within seconds anytime, anywhere, and on any device, including your phone. This is especially important when “time is of the essence”.

They Save Time and Money

Without having to shuffle a stack of paperwork, it gives us more time to spend on building relationships with our clients.  Plus, it saves money for both parties on postage mailing paperwork back and forth. An added bonus is using less paperwork, so cutting down fewer trees.

They are Easy to Use

For all parties involved, the software is very intuitive – with the click of a button, your signatures are automatically inserted into the correct areas provided by the sender.

They Improve Accuracy 

It can be frustrating to realize the signer has missed a signature. With electronic signature software, we can enable mandatory fields and make sure your documents are 100% complete every time. The software also has a time stamp feature which clearly states when the document was signed by all parties. Likewise, if a change is made, documents can be easily resent for initials.

They are Secure 

With electronic signatures, our customers reduce the risk of documents being read, destroyed, or altered while in transit. No one else can forge your digital signature, or falsely claim it was signed by you.

They are Legally Binding

An electronic document signed with a digital signature can stand up in court just as well as any other hand signed paper document.

There are many Electronic signature or e-signature software products out there, and they are changing and improving all the time. Research is key to launching a new system, and it is important to do what is best for your business and clientele. Our top Holly Springs Realtors at Team Anderson Realty closed 119 homes in 2018 and is projecting to close even more in 2019, so we love using Digital Signatures. Our clients are the most important part of our business, so we enjoy spending the extra time to focus on their buying and selling needs.