The Model Homes of builders are known for showcasing the latest interior design trends in trying to appeal to home buyers. So what’s trending when it comes to the Kitchen?

Today’s home buyers are willing to spend more in the kitchen – from energy efficient appliances to quartz countertops. Builders are constantly updating their kitchen designs to ensure they deliver on functionality, creative design and easy maintenance. Kitchen trends that are reflected in model homes of new home construction communities can serve as inspiration for home owners planning renovation projects or wanting ideas for easy updates. The Top five kitchen trends of 2016 are:

1. Contrasting Materials

Materials are getting mixed in the Kitchen. Contrasting colors and styles are combined to create a more unique space. For example, mixed marbles and metals can help highlight gray wood tones.


2. Decorative Lighting

Bold and oversized lighting choices are becoming more popular. Decorative lighting is key int he kitchen and adds dramatic flair as well as functionality to the kitchen,e specially over the kitchen island.


3. Transparency

Switch out some cabinet doors with glass doors. It can help extend visual boundaries while also allowing home owners to display some favorite things and add personalization to a space.


4. Storage

Home owners are always looking for more storage, especially in the kitchen. Double-stacked cabinets that extend to the ceiling can help maximize storage space.


5. More Drawers, Less Doors

Having plenty of kitchen drawers ca add more functionality in storage. home owners are showing a preference toward more drawers over extra cabinets. Bold hardware can add more design appeal.

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